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Queen of the Galaxy



i love going to family get togethers because it gives me an excuse to dress really fucking dark to scare my religious family members


damn orange is the new black is crazy af

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I like ice cream. If you don’t take it away from me I won’t stop.

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I am very much looking forward to the new Sailor Moon and after roaming tumblr was absolutely smitten with Marek Jarocki’s Armored Sailor Moon design.

I had a think about what Sailor Moon would be in a fantasy RPG and came to a Cleric as even though she has many items, one of them is the crescent moon healing wand.

Christ I’ve been animating for so long and not drawing that now I can’t just draw something, it MUST animate … NO EXCEPTIONS (… help me)

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yesterday was better than good

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god ur annoying

excuse me?

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